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Natural Resources

Natural Resources Program


  • Strengthen mining affected community movements and support their fight to ensure mining companies and government uphold their human rights.
  • With a focus on youth and women, support landless and agricultural communities living in poverty and exclusion to claim and defend their right to land and food sovereignty.
  • Bring women’s rights to the forefront of mining, land and agricultural collectives to actively address the gendered dimensions of natural resource related inequalities and injustices.

Key actions

  • Build capacity and sustainability of community movements to challenge power structures and to use the People’s Mining Charter as an advocacy tool to hold government and mining companies to account.
  • Support and expand climate resilient sustainable agriculture (CRSA) initiatives in all LRPs and connect smallholder farmers, workers and mining affected communities with land rights movements and activists across the country.
  • Support women’s empowerment in mining affected communities and amongst smallholder farmers and farm workers to build a feminist culture and leadership to challenge patriarchy in their own communities and movements, as well as to challenge the gendered impacts of mining operations, agriculture and land distribution.
  • Develop research products that feed the needs of the programme while also supporting the knowledge needs of the country and continent.


  • Mining affected communities are collectively recognised as powerful stakeholders within the extractives sector, and the People’s Mining Charter is used by communities, duty bearers and mining companies to inform regulatory frameworks that prioritise people’s rights over company profit.